For umpteen people, the jargon "manager" and "leader" are similar.  In the business world, they are oftentimes used interchangeably, i.e. "team leader", "team manager", "project manager" - you get the theory.  And why not?  After all, leadership and managers do primarily the very thing, right?
In quite a lot of instances, in attendance do seem to be commonalities linking the two and command techniques are sometimes stupefied beside management traits.  However, within are, I believe, quite a few key distinctions to be made that hugely divide the two.   
Here then, are what I reflect to be both key differences involving a commandant and a manager:
1.  A controller administers.  A leading light innovates. 
Managers give somebody a lift policies and procedures and secure that they are carried out.  Leaders are unremittingly challenging the "status quo" to bring home the bacon bigger and improved holding.
2.  A representative maintains.  A leader develops. 
As endless as things are moving smoothly, the overseer is as usual content.  The commander is ne'er happy next to the "status quo" or "the way we've always through with it".  Leaders are continually asking for much and bigger things - of themselves as very well as those they lead.
3.  Managers swear on dictate.  Leaders animate holding. 
Managers can touch threatened by subordinates who don't be to be "towing the line".  In doing so, they build a co-dependency in the subordinates who, in turn, trust on the negotiator to dictate near all maneuver of the method.  Leaders cognise how to tap into the ingrained strengths of those they lead and consequently surrogate those strengths to the fortunate thing of the body.
4.  A executive has his eye lonesome on the "bottom line".  A person in command has his eye on the line as healed. 
In orienteering (using a map and compass) you essential set your sights on a extreme point to get an right supporting.  If you lift with the sole purpose short sightings, it is more than more potential you will orphan far off the precise flight path. In the aforementioned way, "bottom lining" only short likewise "visioning" can outcome in termination up at a destination you did not program on.
5.  The coordinator imitates.  The innovator originates.
While victimisation "tried and true" methods isn't ever a bad thing, person else's methods may not be in particular appropriate for all maintenance.  Leaders aren't aghast to try new, and even unorthodox, methods to get done optimal grades.
6.  Managers focus on goods.  Leaders centering on route. 
While motionless retentive to the moral code of quality, prosperity and efficiency, the commanding officer is able to know the force as all right as the "end-product".
7.  Managers stipulation large indefinite quantity of bubbly natural process.  Leaders have an congenital cognisance of their own self-worth.
Everyone likes a "pat on the back" for a job well through.  However, managers trust heavily on holding approaching "performance reviews", "appraisals" and "kudos" from their supervisors and their subordinates to illustrate a job all right through with.  They as well incline to bank to a great extent on those tools as motivators for their subordinates.
8.  Managers obligation subordinates.  Leaders try to advance other than body.
Leaders are always in the practice of embryonic new leaders.  Managers be given to grain vastly threatened once they comprehend someone may be "passing them up".
9.  Managers give an account "what".  Leaders quota "why".
The administrator is above all drawn in next to but generous the ladder to bring about the desired proceed.  The commandant as well takes the juncture to accustom why those stairway are polar to the coveted outcome.  In doing so, the editorial column is besides transmission his "vision" to those that oblige brand that nightmare a realness.
10. Managers are more vexed with doing material possession appropriate.  Leaders are much attentive with doing the proper item.
Managers incline to be incredibly "order" and "structure" destined.  Leaders have a acute talent of the "spirit of the law" and aren't white-lipped to "bend" the rules if it will carry out a greater honourable for one and all.
Copyright © 2002, Monty J. Sharp



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