Buttons, ads, big drawn-out menus, pictures are everyplace and they’re speed fuzz your AOL Instant Messenger. What is location to do? Add-ons for AIM just add belongings to your AIM. Aliasing, tabbed IM windows, etc. But what do you do something like all of those holding that are retardation hair your AIM? There may be a treatment.
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is an instantaneous courier programme that lets you sermon to family all in a circle the world - for unmarried. Making a without payment utility-grade look-alike this comes with whatsoever outlay. AIM throws ads onto the top of your brother list, no good buttons everywhere even still there’s before now 3 way you can get to the self place, freshly as easy. As all performance of AIM comes out, the more than your AIM is loaded with unused belongings suchlike this.
Now, there’s a new program titled AIM ½. It gets rid of ads, those buttons on the support of the buddy list, shortens all of the menus to lone what you obligation. It gets rid of all of those buttons in IM windows (warning, games, etc), it gives you more applied sign-on, sign-off, and away symbols on your sidekick catalogue. It gives you the gift to size your brother catalogue to ANY immensity. And it does infinitesimal property resembling easier to use away announcement windows, profile windows, and much.

And of course, the last feature: skinning.
Skinning allows you to convert the visage of your AIM by material possession you decide on the area of your sign-on screen, crony enumerate background, sign-on, sign-off, away symbols, and the popup notifications. Currently, location are v skinning themes available: XP, Beach, Everyone Loves Raymond, and Music. You can adapt your subject matter near the click of a lever in your brother record carte du jour or on the AIM ½ scene.
 To be the powerfulness of AIM ½, I put it to a interview. I downloaded the ingenious aimres.dll for 5.5.3595. I timed how drawn-out it took for AIM to burden up after I mirror image clicked the AIM key. It took 10 seconds until it was fully in place for use on my COX High Speed joint. Then I downloaded AIM ½. It took (no banter) 2 ½ seconds. A runty difference? That lilliputian division besides personalty how extended it will proceeds for IM windows to lot after you twin sound them, and everything you do on AIM and the computer network time your second courier is instigate.
AIM ½ is a FREE awl to abet offer your AIM what it was designed to have. There is NO spy ware, ad ware, or 3rd carnival applications bundled beside AIM ½. Guaranteed. Give your AIM a dinky more. Give it AIM ½. www.aimeasy.tk [http://www.aimeasy.tk]

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