Indoor air impureness is steadily increasing, and our animals are even much under fire to fatal mobile chemicals than we are. Long term natural science revealing can pb to metabolism problems, features diseases, a variety of remaining diseases touching variety meat specified as the viscus and kidneys, and even malignant neoplastic disease.

We can gross our homes more environmentally whole for our pets by victimisation products that boast a lesser amount of toxic chemicals. The later record provides the name calling of products that may cover airborne chemicals and several in good health secondary products.


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Paints - Low harmful river based paints (low VOCs), casein

Synthetic Carpets - Natural materials specified as sisal, seagrass, coir, wool (untreated near lindate, etc)

Vinyl Flooring - Cork, linoleum

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Varnishes - Beeswax, flaxseed oil, raw wood

Cleaning Products - Water & vinegar, citrus juice, baking soda, element peroxide

Fabric Softener - Avoid using (due to magnitude of chemic emissions)

Plywood, Composition Boards - Solid wood, Exterior laminate only

Room Deodorizers - Cloves, lavendar, fragranced flowers, unambiguous windows

Glue - Use copse glue instead of solvent - supported mucilage. Ventilate residence.

Synthetic Pesticides - Clean & vacuum characteristically.
Close off any openings in earth.
Avoid structure materials in a circle core that could lure insects.

Laundry Detergents - Unscented products, biodegradable


  • Environmental Protection Agency 800/438-4318,
  • Environmental Health Clearinghouse 800/643-4794
  • Washington Toxics Coalition 206/652-1545,
  • National Pesticide Telecommunications Netword 800/858-7378,
  • National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides 202/543-5450,

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